Monday, December 25, 2006

Ethiopia invades Somalia, Students join resistance

By Abdul-Rahman Yusuf, IOL Correspondent

MOGADISHU - Students in several schools and universities have signed up to defend their homeland after the SICS postponed school exams to allow willing students to fight the invading troops.

"Was I supposed to wait the soldiers of Habasha to invade my house?" asked student Abdullah Hasan.

He told IOL he volunteered to fight so that his country wouldn't become "a new Palestine" occupied by what he described as "Africa's Israel," in reference to Ethiopia. Hasan joined 600 other volunteers in a truck making their way to the frontlines. War drums also paralyzed life in the capital, as shops and markets were closing doors. Residents lamented the recently-found peace they have been enjoying since the SICS came to power.

"Our fear is that the ongoing war will shatter our security and jeopardize the future of our children," one Somali woman told IOL.

Thousands of terrified civilians were fleeing the conflict that was raging on several fronts.

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