Monday, December 25, 2006

Saudi Girl Students Explore New Career Options

By Lulwa Shalhoub, Arab News

JEDDAH — Architecture student Lama Al-Zoghibi won the “I Matter” prize in the third and final night of the activities that took place at the Equestrian Club here recently.

More than 2,500 applications were received from women who made presentations of ideas that would help empower Arab women.
Al-Zoghibi was declared the winner of this contest of innovation with her proposal to create a firm that would bring together women involved in the production of apparel and jewelry, and female business and advertising executives.
“I want to help provide more career options for women in different fields,” said 18-year-old Al-Zoghibi. “I didn’t expect to win the contest. Exchanging knowledge and experiences among the 10 finalists was the thing that I really enjoyed.”

Each contestant was evaluated out of 30 grades. The 10 contestants were Areeb Yasine and Lamees Basfar, both psychology students; Hudaybia Tarek, a business administration student; Eman Janbi, who works for Tamer Group; Nima Ahmed, an Arabian Entertainment Company Ltd. employee; Sara Marzouki, interior design student; the winner Al-Zoghibi and Rana Al-Amawi, both architecture students; Shaza Ahmad, a student of economics, and Nourazn Abu Taleb, an Effat College employee.

Al-Zoghibi, who is now in her freshman year studying architecture at Effat College, said that she hopes to implement her idea of an integrated fashion company after she graduates. The winner has been offered a one-month MBC internship in Dubai next summer.
“I’m happy for this opportunity,” she said. “That will be the first time for me to practice a real job and training.”


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