Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Hajj 1427 Day 1 report part 2

Muslim men & women circumambulate around the Kaaba, which was built by Prophet Abraham along with his son Ismail. This ancient place of worship is the direction muslims face while performing their prayer & it signifies the unity of muslims. Male muslims wear 2 pieces of unsewn cloth & women wear modest clothing which erases any barrier of class or wealth which may have existed previously.

Saudi authorities are doing their best to help more than 2.5 million muslims complete their pilgrimage safely. Their preparation will be tested after friday and the following days when the ritual of 'Stoning the devil' takes place. The authorities seek to prevent any problems during this ritual, God willing.

Muslims moved to Mina (few kilometeres from Makkah) to spend their day
in a tent and remember God in preparation for the 'Day of Arafah'.

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