Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Hajj 1427 Day 1 Report part 1

By A Matin
Makkah, KSA - Large crowds of pilgrims converged upon Islam's holy city as the 'Day of Standing' on the plain of Arafah, which falls on Friday, drew close. Makkah resembled a global village on Wednesday with people of all nationalities as diverse as the Bosnian & Ethnic Chinese Muslims. It was heartening to see both Sunni & Shia, Kurd & Turkmen and other people standing shoulder to shoulder without any problem. A feeling of universal brotherhood was in the air & people who were intractable enemies were now bosom friends.
However it was the Turkish Muslims who are in the spotlight this Hajj due to their massive presence in Makkah. It signifies the return of Turkey to the Islamic fold after decades of experimentation with the European way of life. Turkey's Muslims seem to have realised that Europe will not accept them even if they discard their religon & have come back in large numbers to their basics. The Haram Sharif or Grand Mosque was packed with pilgrims performing the rites which celebrate patriarch Abraham & his wife Hagar's sacrifice in the path of God. - continued

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