Saturday, December 30, 2006

Hajj 1427 report - Day of Arafah

Arafah, KSA - More than 3 million muslims reached the plains of Arafah on Friday to seek forgiveness from God for their past sins & promised to turn over a new leaf in an emotionally charged atmosphere. The grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia advised muslims to return to the precepts of the Quran & Sunnah for success in this world & the Hereafter. He also advised them to stay united in the face of challenges facing the Muslim world. He mentioned that the enemies are causing untold misery & suffering in places such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Chechenya, Somalia & Palestine. He advised people to stand firm in the face of such injustice and asked them to overlook their personal differences which led to disunity.

The pilgrims retired to the valley of Muzdalifah after sunset & spent the night in Zikr ie remembrance of God. Tomorrow, the pilgrims will start the ritual of 'Stoning the devil' in
the valley of Mina.

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